Forum has built a portfolio of approximately one million square feet of real estate through acquisition and development, and alternative real estate solutions. By applying innovative thinking, we have created highly structured and customized debt and equity capital solutions that optimize results for our clients and partners.

We continue to pursue real estate development and investment opportunities, with a keen focus on:

Public Private Partnerships (P3)

Forum is interested in opportunities to build, finance, and maintain a building for a public sector partner or client. In this type of agreement, the public sector partner usually chooses to contribute to the P3 in kind, such as through the transfer of land, and by providing revenue subsidies including tax incentives as well a long-term contract for use of the building. These opportunities may include mixed-used developments such as student housing, offices, or multi-residential sites.

Sale-Leaseback Acquisition of Buildings

Forum has helped several public sector and corporate clients free up significant capital and resources through sale-leaseback structures, whereby Forum purchases the client’s property at fair market value and then leases it back at a fixed rent for the full term of the lease. This arrangement leaves the tenant in complete operational control of the property.