Leading positive change in our communities

Investments in vital infrastructure promote strong, civil societies and healthy, vibrant communities. This is a founding principle at Forum, and one that guides Forum’s charitable pursuits. Robust civic infrastructure creates enduring social platforms, improves community governance, enhances access to education, and empowers individuals.

Forum’s successes afford it the privilege to give back in communities where we live, work and do business—and beyond. Employees are encouraged to take time off in support of their favourite causes; many team members hold leadership positions on boards and capital campaigns of major charities and public institutions. Forum organizes, provides financial support, and participates in many fundraisers and community activities.

Forum gives back with Free The Children’s WE Villages

In November 2016, Forum renewed its support of Free The Children through a $500,000 donation to the WE Villages program. Raised with the help of friends and partners, the donation will aid in developing a village in Melelo, Kenya. In 2015, Forum adopted its first WE Village Kipasan with a $500,000 donation. Kipasan is now home to almost 1,600 residents, including 1,000+ children under the age of 18.

Forum’s investments will help to provide clean water, medical supplies, a new school, and alternative food and revenue sources. It will eliminate obstacles that prevent children, in particular girls, from accessing education.

The WE Villages program embodies Forum’s core value of providing assistance and critical infrastructure to those who need it most. It’s based on the Asset-Based Community Development model and focuses on a community’s strengths to mobilize talent, skills, and community assets to create sustainable solutions.

To learn more about this fantastic initiative and how you can get involved, visit WE Villages.


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